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MLB Pitchers vs Father Time

In February of this year, ESPN posted this piece paying tribute to Jaromir Jagr’s phenomenal hockey career and other long-lasting sports figures in the ‘big four’ sports*. I was curious to see how MLB pitchers had fared against Father Time, an interest mainly piqued by the idea that performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) would increase a player’s longevity. I used Tableau Public and my findings weren’t particularly telling of any PED-linked players. Instead, this visualization shows that, for the most part, a lengthy pitching career is rare no matter which era a pitcher comes from.

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Welcome back

I started this website in February of 2016 and felt good about some of the content I’d produced for it. Unfortunately, as a person new-to-and-not-experienced-in web hosting, I neglected something and ended up losing all of the content.

So now the task before me is to repost some of those things. Weeeeee!

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