I was looking for a reason to use a Marimekko chart in Tableau’s 10.0 release. I’d consider myself a passionate Iowa Football fan and I enjoy using Tableau, especially new product functions. I decided to combine these interests — I hope to make this a regular theme this fall if I can find the time.

Below is my visualization of Iowa’s head football coaching history and their respective performances. The Iowa Football fan-base is fortunate to have had two long-tenured head coaches, each having a fair amount of success on the gridiron, but the program wasn’t always so successful. The Marimekko chart is a great way to demonstrate the length of each coach’s tenure, as well as their successes and failures. The drought between Forest Evashevski and Hayden Fry is glaring, but so is the revolving door atop the football program.

I grabbed the coaching history statistics from Sports-Reference, the go to spot for any cohesive sports statistics and information. The coach images were pulled from various places around the web, the Iowa logos are from the University of Iowa’s athletic page, and I leveraged Tableau for the rest.

For more information on how to create a Marimekko chart in Tableau, check out this article.

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