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Visualizing Pedestrian Foot Traffic in Tableau

Earlier this week I set out on a quest to visualize pedestrian foot traffic. The most difficult part of that was definitely finding the data to do this! Lucky for me, there is a shopping center in Osaka, Japan that uses sensors throughout their shopping center to anonymously track the foot traffic of their shoppers. This data is also available to download, at least for testing. All in all, roughly 100 days of foot traffic data are available. You can also get your hands on a single day sample, which is what I used for the embedded viz below. For reference, the single day sample that I’ve used is just over one million records. Sensor location data is also available.

The process for collecting this data is roughly outlined here. A google search will provide additional information on their process.

[Click here to view/Download Viz on Tableau Public]

[Updated with Video] Tableau High Resolution Shapes, A Hack

3/29/2017 – I’ve added a video tutorial at the bottom of the post. Be sure to save a copy of your twb/twbx before you beginThis is not supported by Tableau.

I had the privilege of meeting with Ryan Sleeper last week. We were discussing Tableau (duh) and he had mentioned that when custom shapes were used in Tableau, no matter how crisp the source image was, Tableau would restrict its quality — most likely for performance. I got to thinking decided to crack open the XML (a twb is XML, open it up in any text editor and you’ll see) and see if I could make Tableau high resolution shapes.

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Working vs March Madness

Let’s be honest, it’s not uncommon for any of us to take a peak at our brackets during the work day. The question is: how often do we do it? These early days of the tournament are the most challenging to keep focus and I decided I wanted to create a poll and display the results.

Please take a moment to make a submission and feel free to check the results tab to see how your state stacks up. Results will nightly or more frequently if I have the time.

All submissions are anonymous.
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Perfect Dashboard?

I ran a Twitter poll asking a simple question; What does the perfect dashboard look like?

To show or hide a header, click on the pill and select ‘Show Header’ to check/uncheck the selection.

#Tableau10 Tweets

Do you get this excited about the software you use at work?

Tableau 10 has been out for a couple of weeks now and there are plenty of people just as excited as I am. Here are some great tweets about Tableau Software’s 10.0 release.

See what it’s all about — Tableau Desktop (work/fun) or Tableau Public (personal/fun)

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Iowa Football History Visualized | Tableau Data Viz

I was looking for a reason to use a Marimekko chart in Tableau’s 10.0 release. I’d consider myself a passionate Iowa Football fan and I enjoy using Tableau, especially new product functions. I decided to combine these interests — I hope to make this a regular theme this fall if I can find the time.

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The Beatles, If They Were Users on a Tableau Server

Maybe add a Pete Best with an ‘Unlicensed’ role?

Fazoli’s Pasta and Breadstick Challenge, a Tableau Viz

A group at work decided to eat as much of the Fazoli’s all-you-can-eat pasta bowls. I visualized the results in Tableau with food images as shapes. Most of the data presented is meta data.

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MLB Pitchers vs Father Time

In February of this year, ESPN posted this piece paying tribute to Jaromir Jagr’s phenomenal hockey career and other long-lasting sports figures in the ‘big four’ sports*. I was curious to see how MLB pitchers had fared against Father Time, an interest mainly piqued by the idea that performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) would increase a player’s longevity. I used Tableau Public and my findings weren’t particularly telling of any PED-linked players. Instead, this visualization shows that, for the most part, a lengthy pitching career is rare no matter which era a pitcher comes from.

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